Bulletproof Your
Home Against Any Blackout


First, you'll need these parts, or similar:

  • x4 100-Watt solar panels
  • x1 400-Watt solar panel combiner or universal connector
  • x1 15 Amp, 12V DC solar charge controller
  • x4 12v DC, 35 Amp-Hour, SLA, AGM, deep-cycle batteries
  • x3 24" (61 cm), 12V DC, parallel wiring to link the batteries together to form a battery bank (appropriate for the type and size of the battery terminals of your batteries)
  • x1 cable to connect the solar panel connector to the solar charge controller
  • x1 cable to connect the battery or battery bank to the solar charge controller

Before you start, please note, many manufacturers sell kits that use different connector sizes.

This is to encourage you to:

1. Buy exclusively from them, and to...

2. Avoid mistakes as cables can only connect one way.

As such we cannot tell you universally which parts to use. But, for most setups the process is similar. Even if the parts aren't identical.

If, for whatever reason, you are forced to adapt your cables to fit a different connector size, simply clip off the connectors from their cable, strip a ¼" of insulation from the cables and crimp the connector you need in place of those supplied.

After that, step 1 is to wire your panels to the electric cable connector.

Then, after connecting your solar kit's wires and funneling them into to their cables' box (whilst fastening them down, and ensuring your box watertight), step 2 is to wire up your batteries.

To do this place them in a row. Here I have also added rubber insulation, but this is optional.

Step 3 is to connect each of your batteries in tandem, with the positive terminal of each unit linking to the other.

For step 4, wire each battery up to its universal connector. (I would also encourage you to use a fuse box for safety).

Finally, link your panels to a socket for step 5 whilst ensuring your panels are placed in maximum sunlight.

After that, sit back, relax, and watch your power bills drop.

This is just one of the many projects we'll share with you in the coming weeks and by no means the best.

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Mark Johnson

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